I'm Just Not Myself... (strange glitch)

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Twice last night I entered drop-in matches and found I was a 70-rated nobody named 'Messi', or what looked like somebody else's pro, rated 77. How does this even happen?? That's mental.


  • That's messi'd up.
  • hasan09876
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    I don't know why but your pro must have been on the bench waiting to be subbed on by the captain
  • Mycaelis
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    I think I've worked out how it happens, basically when someone gets to the 'select position' screen before the match, and then they disconnect.. Their pro stays in the game and there is a chance that someone else will be given their pro instead of your own.

    Your own pro however, will be on the bench, so you can substitute him in to replace the incorrect pro if you are the captain.

    I think this bug has been there since FIFA 13, nothing changes really. #GGWPEA
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