Do you keep every card you buy?

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I went through a phase where I just kept every card I bought instead of selling them when I don't play with them in a team. Anyone else hold onto cards or do you sell them when not used?

With TOTS coming out soon, I plan to now sell my unused cards despite the fact I've lost a lot of coins :(.


  • Smudge
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    Mostly yes
  • Patziii
    1208 posts Professional
    nope selling them all
  • Domination
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    I sell all my cards. I have 20 players in my club and I could easily cut that by another 1 or 2

    4 of them are TOTY including Toty Messi and im Sitting on 18m
  • Shane
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    if they're cheap/good in forms under 100k that I won't make a substantial loss on, I'll keep them.

    Selling all my expensive players except TOTY Ronaldo and maybe striker bale though.
  • JoeDoeDawg11
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    Yes. and I will definitely be selling a bunch of stuff in the next couple of days, I just love collecting cards though
  • Wooly1203
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    Only cheap cards or players that I really enjoy and don't plan to get rid of
  • ChrisLFC
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    Usually I'll only sell if they're going for 50k plus. There are some exceptions for players that are so awful I never want to use them again.
  • KJ
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    Love how some people always manage to turn every thread into a personal bragging thread..

    @OP No I don't keep cards that I buy, I like the idea behind it but I don't play enough Fifa to warrant storing players in my club.
  • holdenwait
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    sell %99 of cards I buy later on , mostly within a week.
  • Ortez
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    Sell most of mine, unless the card is key for my squad or gens
  • Khangaskhan17
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    I keep all players in my main 2 squads regardless of the market. Scoring ratios let me know which players play better for me.
  • BenzP7
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    I sell most of the players I dont use. Ended up buying them back like 10000x times.
  • L1vingl1fe
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    I have something like 1950 players in my club
  • SaifR
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    FCK_Benz wrote: »
    I sell most of the players I dont use. Ended up buying them back like 10000x times.

  • juniorcbr
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    Yes. Every single one outside of the investments.
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