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MLS Career

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starting with a career with Columbus Crew


Difficulty Match: Legendary
Half length: 8 minutes
Financial Strictness: Strict (60%)
Squad used: Latest
First Transfer window: Off

MLS Cup,Supporters Shield,U.S. Open Cup,Candian Championship,Champions league, club championship, MLS All Star game.

no players to be bought over 80ovr. 80 is the deg player
Developed players over 80 ovr ok.
try keep the team majority US nationality players with 5-7 other international players.
players who want to leave the club are sold.
Up to 2 youth players are signed a year these are the drafted players usually US
Up to 2 Free agent player is allowed per season if they have played in the MLS reEntry Draft.
Champions League: Top 4 of mexico and Supporter shield, the Open cup Winner and MLS Cup winners Canadian Championship if the team that wins already has a place it goes to the runner up
Canadian Championship: all 3 Canadian teams take part in knock out cup.
All Star game AT&T MLS allstars face a random team each season.
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