Card Generator Update Tutorial For FIFA 16

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I made this thread last year for people who want to make FUT avatars/signatures for the upcoming FUT16. I know that FUTHead haven't updated their generator yet, so i'll run through the steps to allow you to do it yourself. Now, what you should know is the name plate won't look like the actual one until the generator is completed by FUTHEAD which should be soon, this is just for you guys to use in the mean time.

This is for Google Chrome users.
1. Go to the FUTHead FIFA 16 Card Generator page, located here. Using Chiellini as an example.
2. Choose the player that you want to use i.e Raheem Sterling, so it loads his face/stats.
3. Right click on the card background, ideally above the facepicture and choose 'inspect element'.
4. This should bring up another bar on your screen. See example.
5. Find background-image: url('');
6. Click on where it says url and you will want to remove the so all that's left in the box is url('')
7. Between the '' you will want to paste the code of the card background that you want to use and hit enter. so it'd be like background-image: url('');
8. The background should then change
9. Click Download Image and you are done.

Card Background Codes
Gold Rare
Silver Rare
Bronze Rare

If you have questions, i'll try to answer them.

This is what the finished product may look like..


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