think is time to sell already :(

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goodbye toty ronaldo you just arnt cut out how good i thought hed be would rather have toty messi


  • What? He's the best player in the game by a mile.
  • Glix
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    Are you mad? Best fifa card ive ever used
  • jjmmww1
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    not for me he just doesn't seem anywhere near toty messi standard
  • rblue
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    keep trying, didn't get on with him at the start. He's 100% the best player in the game, absolutely incredible.
  • Dikko Henderson
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    I had him in around 150 games, couldn't score with him. Others, such as Suarez or Bergkamp are so much easier for me. (I'm a div 1, sometimes div 2 player.)
  • ZeFeZ
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    He is for sure not the best card for me this year, he is brilliant don't get me wrong. Gullit and Bergkamp are actually so much better for me.
  • Olleman
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    Must be a perfect game for him to be good, I.E, no EA BS and no lag, otherwise he have the touch of a elefant :/ Give him time tho, but pele >>
  • jjmmww1
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    his dribbling seems off his pace is no where near what messi had which is strange
  • jjmmww1
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    also he keeps missing sitters like anyone else ive had would score
  • WFCBagnall
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    Basic chem style, try that
  • jenksiee123
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    "You're bad at the game" "you fail at this game" etc etc. All seriously, I agree. Pele >
  • Z
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    WFCBagnall wrote: »
    Basic chem style, try that

    Agree with this
  • DirtyDishFC
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    I actually found Messi more enjoyable. I only used Ronaldo for a handful of games right when he came out, and I think that it wasnt enough to get a clear picture. I think its because I love the change of pace dribbling, not necessarily 5* skills, but I feel Messi is better at that kind of intricate stuff in the middle of the pitch.

    I still dont think I gave Ronaldo enough time to come to any determination. I know he scored at will but I felt I had more "fun" with Messi
  • jjmmww1
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    what shall i do them sell or keep then sell? if i sold id probley get rb messi or toty
  • jjmmww1
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    You're trash kid. Pathetic

    thanks but i'm not a kid or trash haha
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    Pele>TOTY Ronaldo
  • Ryno
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    jjmmww1 wrote: »
    You're trash kid. Pathetic

    thanks but i'm not a kid or trash haha

    Well ? Talk to me what's going on ...? Why aren't you getting along with the best fut card that we could possibly never see again in our life time? Trust me bro, Toty Ronaldo does not score every single game for me, but I will be straight up honest with you. If I feel you're any type of a decent player online, your best bet is I'm going to feed cr7 9/10 times and he will punish you for every single little mistake you do. I have 96 messi and he'll, he feels like a worse version of nif aguero.

    Acting like a damn psychiatrist because the guy doesn't enjoy CR99 as much as Messi :lol:

    You never cease to amaze me
  • maymanpele
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    CR99 really is the best player in the game. However everyone has their own style of play and you can't get on with every player out there. Just sell him while you can.
  • Reus
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    if you like to play slow build up passing play messi will probably be better

    if you like to counter attack ronaldo will be better
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