EA Sports FIFA: Increase the amount of #StarheadsinFIFA

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We Want #StarheadsinFIFA:

As avid football fans & members of the FIFA community, we ask EA Sports FIFA to increase the number of #StarheadsinFIFA:

For too many years we have waited patiently for our favorite teams & players to have real-life representation in game. We ask that you scan or at the very least create a suitable custom for players that need it. If you cannot scan the top players in Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal & the Netherlands etc. then you are not capturing the essence of what football means to so many people around the world. These people support you on an annual basis & are committed to your product. They make your product a global sensation. We as community deserve to have a say in how you develop & improve your product. At the end of the day, your product & our game is better with these improvements. We have shown support to you for the past 10 + years & we deserve to be heard because we represent FIFA for you. The #Starhead community is the most followed in the FIFA Forums & this is a clear indication of the popularity that #StarheadsinFIFA has for so many FIFA fans around the world.

FIFA Community:

We, as members of the #StarheadsinFIFA community are asking the #FUThead community to sign this petition. If we stand together we can make a change for our benefit. Let’s make this happen together to create a better experience.

Sign up at the link below & also visit our Facebook page:




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