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So... did you guys just completely abandon this game mid-season? Why is Jorginho still at Chelsea?


  • Sadly, it feels like we (Switch Community) are a rather low priority when it comes to FUT:

    > No World Cup 2022 (despite being, arguably the best part of FIFA 18 on Switch)
    > And now (this week) the latest "price range update" which might destroy the transfer market

    (ex: CR7's price range is now set to 10-160k when its market value was around 300k)

    This really makes me wonder why we players should invest more time, sweat and tears (and some real money for some) to earn coins to try new players and improve our teams, only to end up being robbed of all our efforts ...
  • So EA, please, we'd very much appreciate if you could (at least) fix those price range (yesterday's update and today's server maintenance did not fix anything), which are completely inadequate when it comes to the Nintendo Switch transfer market ....

    best regards to you all
  • ok
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