Fofana vs Timber

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Who is better?
Another cdm is Pogba.
Both are quite tough to fit in a team for me but I don't need full chem.
I'd like to do at least one of these sbcs. Maybe I'll do both but if Timber is better I will pass Fofana


  • Peanutbutter83
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    I did Fofana and managed to get him in on full Chem at CDM alongside Alonso. I’m enjoying using him, he a big frame player but can’t also shift so he gets back well to cover a counter attack. He’s great with the ball at his feet and turns well for a big guy. He assists loads for me and even nicked a few himself. I’ll probably use him all the way now unless I get lucky and drop something decent as I’ve never got any coinage! Fofana does the business for me though.
  • Captain_Emirate
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    wait for another beast coming in fs sbcs.

    Khéphren Thuram.
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