Any reviews on PTG Nkunku, Centurions Kimpembe and Robertson

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Is Nkunku still top tier? I've only used his normal card near the beginning of the game.

Thinking of building this but don't want to lose a lot of coins on tax/price dropping.

Swap in game to 4231
Al Owairan/Griezmann/ Nkunku



  • Cracked beyond belief

    Very good

    Hard pass

    Also I don't quite see the point of using a mediocre player as your lone striker. Mbappe should be relegated to RAM imo.
  • jimbeam3678
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    Not used Nkunku but Kimpembe is very very good. Trent is alright but Dalot TOTT is cheaper and is better.
  • ILevis
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    Nkunku is fantastic. I also have a Team with Mbappe/Nkunku/Griezmann and recommend you use Griezmann as a ST, Mbappe RAM and Nkunku CAM
  • joehuk
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    Kimpembe for an 86 rated is broken as hell

    Have him untradable and he keeps gold VVD out

    He seems to have 6ft legs tbh.
  • Boysie91
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    Thanks for the feedback guys I will take that on board 👍🏻
  • Scottybtech
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    Only used kimpembe he was unreal when I had him. Bully’s everyone
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