Missing items hacked

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Hi all..

It seems I’ve fallen victim to phishing scam while trying to link my account with the prime gaming.

I didn’t lose much as my team is nearly all untradable. I raised this with a ea support. I’m just wondering what is the turn around time wise is to get the stuff back that I lost or can I kiss goodbye to the items and coins.



  • Kingyyy01
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    Same thing happened to a friend of mine - he got told by ea nothing suspicious on his account and didn’t get anything back, hopefully yours is a different outcome
  • Hans_Rheinhardt1
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    I honestly wish companies like EA, Amazon etc would put more info for some folk in what to look out for when it comes to phishing scams.
  • Dronegan
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    You shouldnt expect getting anything back.
    I have a friend who got hacked a few years back. Coins gone and players sold. Happend in January and he got his stuff back May.
  • CarlF
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    I got hacked once, and EA actually banned me. They said i was farming coins.After about 2 months of toing and froing, they gave me 4 million coins to replace my team. It was a nightmare.
  • Stav93
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    Yeah wouldn't be expecting anything back lol, got hacked last year and had my ToTY Cancelo and about 1.5 million nabbed off me. Raised a complaint, they acknowledged my account had been compromised, and they compensated me by... market banning me because of potential coin selling 🥲😂 So I wish you well, but I'm pretty sure your stuff is gone for good.
  • hields
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    Thanks guys
  • Jdizzle
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    You think the guys who can't fix a simple WL record counter are going to help you? GL.
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