Friendlies Objective cards ✅

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I remember in FUT 21 EA released objective cards during TOTY in Friendlies in a mode called World beaters. Suarez 91 and Grealish 87. These 2 were usable even in Champ. Also in 22 they released Verde 87 and Shaw 87 in Friendlies TOTY Talents. Every promo they released objective card in friendlies.

Why EA this year only release promo objective cards in Squad battle (or Rivals) ?! Give us a good high rated card to play for in Friendlies, not these cup matches with packs contains low rated fodder.


  • Captain_Emirate
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    The objective released Year in Review is good which you can get 3 TOTY Honorable Mentions cards. Still in Squad battles ! needs 15 matches which divided 5 matches per card. I widh these were in Friendlies.
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