WW Oxford and WW Kenny are actually extremely good

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I did both on my 2nd account out of boredom but found both top tier. So give anyone interested a quick review. Plus, that Osei-TuTu seems very bad and generic.

WW Oxford:

Dribbling 10/10: The stats is very deceptive with <80 dribbling. He has the exact same feeling as Pogba but 10x quicker. His animation gets a bit more speed burst after ball roll and his roulette is one of the quickest I have used. I am playing him RCM and he is bursting into the defensive line very often with his dribbling.

Defense 8.5/10: Typical long legs that can intercept a lot more. His strength is also very noticeable. Win almost every 50/50. His defensive awareness might not be the best but no one can come close to him.

Passing 8.5/10: Not the best but among the good ones. His passing animation is also similar to Pogba which gives him a bit more power when kicking ball. Very effective to launch long thru. ball, especially the ground one.

Shooting 7.5/10: Again, with 49 finishing I expect him to miss 99 out 100 chances but he actually scores quite a lot. I think it comes to his 99 shot power as well as 97 reactions. He scores every now and then and rarely miss the target.

Stamina 6/10: He will indeed have like 50% of stamina by end of the match which is worse than the majority of cards. But he is OK for an RCM for me.

Well, for Kenny, he is that kind of H/H player that you can find him anywhere. He is not that dominant like Oxford but he is almost everywhere on the pitch. His aggression is also noticeable as he wins most 50/50 just like Oxford. I would say it's a extremely good RB card, way better than Clauss. Just my 2 cents.
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