Cheater in FIFA online

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S CrYxFire it's a cheater in World Cup Online mode.zdg1mz2yfo2b.jpg

semi-finals and as soon as the match started, he strangely asked me for the exit shared by me, also accepted but rejected by him. he possessed the ball all the way up to the 118th minute in defense without losing the ball until he gave me a corner kick and then I scored. Of course 1 second later I suffered the kick-off glitch and we went to penalties. Here he saved everyone even though they were loaded at maximum power and headed for the crossroads, he shot like me but much more powerful and even though he guessed the direction of the shot and also anticipating the movement the ball was punctually bagged inside the goal . After the game the game froze and I had to close it... congratulations EA Sports 👍


  • SixRacoon40003
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    there are cheaters and it is allowed to cheat as far as i play on xbox, neither enforcement team nor ea does anything about it. İn addition, i suspect some special flag bearer are totally free of doing whstever, some uses network manipulating tools generating artificial lag for their advantage etc... very pitiful mindset for the developers, dishonest gamers and console makers, very hypocrite situation for those parties
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