Everything in packs

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Packs vs sbc's vs objectives

Packs wins everytime

Player objectives are bang average
Sbc's aren't much better

Unless your rolling in in game coins you have to gamble on Fifa points

Pretty sure this time last year we had some quality sbc's to get In to ? VARANE for example?

This is dog 💩



  • Stav93
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    Varane didn't come until ToTY...

    You don't need a super team to achieve above averages results on the game, the thing isn't competitive and rewards from 11 up on Champs are hardly worth it anyway.
  • BigH82
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    What I'm getting at is the comparative
  • Rabby_C
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    Spot on…

    I spent 200k coins for the token pack - luckily packed hero Okocha so was worth it but the SBCs have been poor.
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