Black Friday 100 card pack worst ever pack deal?

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I would never buy one but I've watched many videos of openings and hundreds of reports of what people got and every person has been shocked at how bad the packs are.
It has been described as the worst scam in the history of Fifa. The thing is I haven't seen or heard of one pack that was really worth opening even if the cards were tradeable! What a joke!

I assume the other special Black Friday packs (Foundations, Fut Hero and Season 1 review) must be just as bad because they are ALL UNTRADEABLE.

At this point, anyone that plays a lot has at least an 87 OVR team, more likely 88 or 89 OVR or better so the odds of getting anyone you can use on your team is miniscule. So you're basically buying a very expensive pack of fodder.

It is ridiculous how many packs from rewards, etc. are untradeable.


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