World Cup kits and dlc

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Another half arsed attempt by EA, DO THEY JUST HIRE MONKEYS FROM THE PG TIPS ADVERTS to work on this game.
Senegals home kit has white shorts and socks, Belgiums home sock is wrong, and the colour of Qatars home kit is the wrong shade its the colour of the USA and Australia gk kits.
Where are the other stadiums, its bad enough EA DO DLC now instead of a stand alone game, does FIFA really think they are getting their moneys worth.


  • KingShankly
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    There are so many Kit errors it's sad.

    Even after the update Cameroon have generic kits and yellow numbers on their away yellow kit.

    Germany are missing white shorts to avoid kit clash.

    Spain are missing red shorts to avoid kit clash.

    Poland are missing red shorts.

    France and England don't have change strips because EA won't add a mix n match feature.

    Also EA has never given fans the opportunity to mix n match kits for Country or Club.
  • I agree, they should give us the option to mix and match the kits
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