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How many people that play on PC are experiencing delayed gameplay?

This game is unplayable for me about 80% of the time. Fut champs usually is fine and responsive if i play it outside peak times. Which just points to server issues at EA.

Division rivals is kind of bad all the time. Once you get to Division 1 and Elite its unplayable and delayed. I cant move my players, they take extra touches. Its impossible to defend attacks since my players just dont run.
Both me and my opponent can have Virgil Van Dijk and Mbappe. My Mbappe will be slow and get caught all the time. But none of my players can keep up with his Mbappe.
My guess is that my opponent is located closer to the server.

This is the issue though. In Rivals once you get past division 2 its hard to find a game with decent connection. The opponents gets fewer.
Why it works so good in Futchamps i guess is because there is a bigger pool of opponents to get matched against. I usually have no delay what so ever.

I have a high end PC with a 500/100 connection. My friends experience same issues on different PC setups and different ISP.


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    The game is broken and unstable. It's not good work. Online play is disastrous, jerky and delayed, even with good latency. The most annoying thing is that there is no good modern football game. Better to play other games. Updates are mostly unnecessary. Fifa 23 is really disappointing and unbearable.

    Fifa 23 is not ready.
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