Default settings will be restored...

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...always on startup, my settings disappear? And my own Player profile doesn't work either. Everything has to be constantly put back.
No method helps the problem, I've tried everything possible. Yesterday the game worked just fine, today it didn't?

I play on PC.


  • Steffolovitch
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    It doesn't happen at every startup, but perhaps 7 or 8 times have sliders etc been restored to default. And it gets rather tedious to adjust the sliders for the 8th time...
  • wopito
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    It is.
    It started happening to me for the first time yesterday. Since the beginning of the game, it has worked fine until now.
  • It started happening when they installed the World Cup dlc.
    If I go into it then back into the normal games all my settings have gone to default.
  • wopito
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    I haven't touched the World Cup, but yesterday I got the game working normally a couple of times, now it won't work again.
    Restores its default settings and of course the saved career doesn't work.
  • wopito
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    The controller was the problem, it was fixed when I changed the controller :=)
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