Fifa is just so much damn work

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Anybody else feeling the ammount of grind this year is astounding.

I really just... can't... There's God of War, Callisto Protocol, backlog size of the mountain, and when I think about it - I'd do just about anything more than scoring goals for swaps...

I'm skipping WL also, this TOTW is so, so bad.

Thinking about deleting the game to be honest. It's like having extremly high maintanance girfriend. I'm just tired.


  • Bob_Bobson
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    Funnily enough, I qualified for my first WL since getting the game, took one look at totw, and haven't turned it back on since. My approach is to dip in and out when I feel like it and there is something worth grinding for. I'm still getting to grips with the new map on Apex Legends and Warzone 2 will get a run out.
  • Rich
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    You don't have to do everything especially all those milestone objectives even the 8 wins of rivals each week can be skipped. Just play what you want and don't feel under pressure to play fifa, even if you take time off the game its easy to catch back up to the power curve
  • Smoggy78
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    It felt like that to me in FIFA 21 from about a month in.

    I quit there and then, skipped 22.

    Had a good couple of year catching up on likes of the Witcher 3, rdr2, cyberpunk etc all games I'd skipped because of trying to run the FIFA hamster wheel.

    Had the itch to return this year but strict rules for my play.

    RTG pack only.
    No trading (as that alone is a job in itself)
    No YouTube and watching CT videos etc

    Just run a tactic I like with a team that I'm forced to use not chasing the next promo for a +2 in a couple of stats.
  • GitGood
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    I’ve dodged the bullet this year, and according to comments I read here it the right move…I occasionally play FIFA 22 but that’s still awful, just hate the way it makes people feel and they never bother to improve it…It is supposed to be fun for everyone but the experience you get after playing is awful..
  • Stav93
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    Having skillbased friendlies is the absolute worst thing they've done. Friendlies shouldn't be a drag or a grind. They're friendlies, the clue is literally in the name. They're unironically worse than Champs if you're in a high division, it is beyond stupid.
  • PaulDr
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    Just look at it as having more choice what to do. Be very hard to do everything now.
  • Chewbaccary
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    They've normalized an insane amount of playing volume. I remember in FUT 15 or 16, feeling like it was a big milestone to hit 100 matches played with Deandre Yedlin. Now I have numerous cards in my club around 200-300 appearances already. Some of those are golden goal friendlies, but still...the amount of time needed to access certain content is quite astounding.
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