Swap tokens grind shows how trash the game really is

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Im done with the week 1 grind now.

Did find it enjoyable for a few games. Then i saw someone use Ginola and Mbappe on top and thats when i realized oh whole team doesnt need to be WC red players.

And yeah the grind became boring as hell. Literally any game ends in the first 10 minutes. Either i score on my first attack or my opponent does.
Since everyone is playing constant pressure all out on attack. Once you get into your opponents half you will be getting the ball back all the time due to the pressure. Hard not to score.

It goes two ways if i get pinned down its over. Doesnt mather how many times i tackle the ball my opponent will keep getting it and most likely score.
There are even weird situations where the centerbacks just stop marking and drift wide probably due to opponent using constant pressure.

Its now basically a grind where two teams act stupid, usually the one that starts with the ball wins.

Surely there must be a better way to have constant pressure in the game without making the opponent team completely dysfunctional?
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