locking PC whenever I turn off Fifa???

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Ever since the last update (though windows updated at the same time period) whenever I try to exit Fifa, my audio goes into a loop (youtube or spotify If Im listening in the background, or just the ping iuf not) and I cant start any applications, I cant even restart the PC from the menu - I have to manually turn off my PC.

Tried fault fining (as Im an aengineer) and its repeatable - every time - andponly happens when I exit Fifa.

Anyone else? if its just me ideas how to fix this?


  • paul24878306
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    OK - just uninstalled and re-installed just in case. No change.

    During the boot up, the game "optimises" some oporations. The freeze/audio loop happens when it "restores" them..... This only started happening after the last update.

    No idea, but having to hard reset my PC every time I quit Fifa....... guess whats not getting played.
  • paul24878306
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    And rolled back windows to a restore pont before the last update.

    No change.
  • paul24878306
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    last patch fixed the problem, then another small one today and its back.

    EA are useless - I got a response but only piopinting nme to help pages on graphics.... the game runs fine - its how it crashs the system when it closes thats the problem.

    Hey ho - EA Pro wont be getting renewed once it expires, and Ill not be buying any more EA contect/games. I generally think there have no clue, and focus on consoles now.

  • fritz28
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    write an email to the EU competition board. I have done that and received an answer as to they are aware that Ea does not follow the rules
    the more mails the get the more they will look at EA
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