Div4 and higher summary

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- Play on the wings, turn towards the goal and shoot with L2.
- corner kick: you either cross it to the nearest player for a bicycle kick or cross it directly into the goal if the keeper is out of position.
- (on old gen) if you have Vini or Neymar you constantly skill spam the whole match
- At kick off you send your striker behind the opponents defence to play him a long ball.

Man every fut we have atleast one op thing ingame.
Be it fut12 or fut22


  • Wonderkiid
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    I dont do any of that and none of the things mentioned really bother me :|
  • ICUP
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    Div 2 must have missed the memo 🤷🏼‍♂️
  • golazo
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    EA will always be a game of exploits. Everyone does them. Whoever says no is lying. Everyone has done this or does them.
  • FlyingOkapis
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    Keep seeing nonsense like this, I'm in div2 and someone was bishin' about it earlier being the home of exploits and abuse etc..

    None of it at all, its the same as every other division in terms of how people play.
  • Scu11duggery
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    No issue with scoring from corners - it's stopped everyone bringing their keeper way out of the goal
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