Does chemistry actually count for anything this year?

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This might be a stupid question but here we go...

Seeing all these premier league/seria/La Liga teams not on full Chem last few weeks while I'm rocking my full prem team. Does it matter that much that teams are not full Chem anymore?


  • RadioShaq
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    It never really mattered. If you played on 7 or 8 chem before you only missed out on a few points. You probably want to have some chem till toty tots then you can probably have a couple on 0 chem. This year they don’t lose stats so 0 chem is finally an option.
  • paul24878306
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    As above, your missing out on a few points. But by the sane token... an if gets 1 or 2 points in all stats (even those irrelevant to their position) yes cost lots more than the gold.... and chem adds more points than an if.

    So, if the few points missed by mo chem makes no difference, then neither do ifs, or even sits. Until tif or massively boosted specials they aren't worth anything either.

    If however you think the latest integration is worth the extra coins then chem matters.

    Pick your side...
  • I SiR MartY I
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    better the player, less diamonds you need

    I'd say anything 85 and below needs at least 2 and above 1 is fine - unless ofc they absolutely need the +8 pace
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