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  • Mmandras
    6600 posts Big Money Move
    edited October 2022
    Didn't do it. No dynamic pic. That's my short review. :neutral:
  • Asht1981
    1587 posts Play-Off Hero
    Very smooth on the ball one hell of a shot but slow slow slow he won't out run any1.
  • JakeH
    3541 posts National Call-Up
    Decent but so far not a huge stand out. But I’m not really playing any competitive games at moment so real test will be on Thursday.
  • FlyingOkapis
    2161 posts Fans' Favourite
    Asht1981 wrote: »
    Very smooth on the ball one hell of a shot but slow slow slow he won't out run any1.

    Is he really that slow? I find this issue with Danjuma, should be rapid but seem stuck in the mud, I was looking to get Chiesa but not if hes got the same Danjuma issue.
  • AJS-17
    1479 posts Play-Off Hero
    For me he's bang average, not worth the fodder
  • OZero
    7718 posts League Winner
    Work best as my CAM / Second Striker. Let him run freely and he will pop up at the right place and score lots of goals.

    Don’t dribble.
  • Wi1son73
    4176 posts National Call-Up
    I find him good, used his gold card right up till done his sbc..
    But I’m on old gen, I’m due to pick up my Xbox series x today, so he might not be as effective as he’s is now .. time will tell
  • Safckje
    1508 posts Play-Off Hero
    Using him at cf and finding him very good. Only played 4 games so far but very happy.
  • I've played about 15 games with him and for some reason he plays worse than his NIF...

    Dunno how that's even possible tbh. But he doesn't feel fast, gets knocked off the ball more than insigne. And I've not scored or assisted with him much either. I'm on old gen and tried several chem styles
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