Some advice( ps5 next gen)

So I started playing fifa 23 (ps5 new gen only), was starting Out well , qualified for the first 2 champs , fast-forward this week , failed to qualify for champs getting 2 wins only in qualifying , I'm in div 5 rivals , nothing works anymore like at all .... if there some secrets in next gen gameplay that I am failing to understand ... can't figure it out at the moment ... any advice ?


  • Keep changing and experimenting with various tactics and formations, until something suits your style of play. Test yourself in rivals until you make it to Div 4.

    If you bought the ultimate edition try the PS4 version of the game.

  • Thanks I did something in line with what you said since I posted and I think i was suffering from bad button input delay, has corrected itself again ... I find alot of games the input delay from when I press a button to do an action to when it actually happens is always worse then what my opponent is experiencing but it is what it is.
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