Work rates

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What are people’s views on their importance? Does it depend on position and how you want them to perform?

My understanding would be for a cm who you just want to sit and distribute the ball from deep, medium/medium would work as he wouldn’t drift too far out of position?


  • BasketCase9483
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    They don’t do anything.
  • manimal87
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    You can almost overwrite them with instructions.... Example...... Take a midfielder with high / high.... Instruct him with "stay back".... He will almost always stay back.... almost and not always.... So he will still move around but not as much as with no instructions. No take med / med and set him for "stay back"... He will never get out of position... Because he his base workrate will suit the instruction more..... If you understand... The same with attacking workrates or instructions
  • LFC798
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    Yeah that makes a lot of sense, that was my understanding that you could overwrite with instructions but was just keen to see what others thought too
  • FarPostGhost
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    Telles has high attacking low defending.

    If you play him at LB and instruct him to stay back he doesn’t go forward.

    I agree with the above tbh, it’s kind of effects midfielders starting positions. Mascherano has low attacking WR and dies sit noticeably deeper on the pitch than Merino who is H/H.
  • LFC798
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    I guess it just allows you to use the player without having to set instructions if you’re happy for your left back to push forward rather than stay back for example
  • I SiR MartY I
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    FB - High medium, high high, or medium medium

    CB - medium high or low high

    CDM medium high or low high

    cm high high, or high medium

    cam high medium or high low

    st high medium or high low

    winger m/m or high medium/high low
  • Wonderkiid
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    Never really look at it and i dont think it makes much difference
  • broxigaz
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    m/m or low/low I have no problem with the lb and rb buttons sort them out.
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