Haaland or keep OTW Lewondowski

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Using lewondowski at the moment and when I get a clean shot it goes in, but have the issue is getting that shot find he gets muscled off the ball and dribbling isn't great, but best shot he has, does haaland cover the other parts lewondoski is missing? At a stretch I could afford his first inform is I sell.

Only concern with haaland is his price dropping massively, but I guess the same will be with lewondowski once his TOTY comes out


  • Road2Butragueno
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    If you play on new gen Haaland wins every duel and cheats himself through every defence and even scores screamers with his right

    I have tried almost every lenghty gold striker so far and Haaland is by far the best one.

    If you play 2 striker formation try to put an agile player with good passing next to him and make him false 9 in instructions its really good to launch haaland
  • truegunn3r
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    Better skills and better weakfoot, lewa is the better player. Haaland atm feels better because of accelerate which will eventually get patched to make all three types more balanced. When that happens Lewa will be better player.
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