Thoughts on Dave Trez sbc?

540 posts An Exciting Prospect
Normally avoid these type of cards - poor agility and balance… but in the current meta: lengthy at 6”2 with a hunter he looks more than just usable…

Anyone done him or any thoughts on value / useability?


  • BasketCase9483
    1302 posts Professional
    All Icons have always been usable. People always look at the stats and think that some are bad but if you actually bother to use those icons it’s just never the case, they always play way above those stats.
  • Headshrinker363
    6124 posts Big Money Move
    Tried the loan, wasn’t impressed. Much happier with Falcao in my team.
  • Fifapayne
    7803 posts League Winner
    He’s good af for me.

    Some reviews were calling him the French Haaland

    16 games 27 goals
  • DonkeyKong
    546 posts An Exciting Prospect
    If I can get a couple of high rated untradables I think it becomes appealing to complete his sbc but without multiple high rated untradables to purge I'd rather buy him than pay for his sbc
  • Scu11duggery
    2500 posts Fans' Favourite
    Working through him now. Going straight into my Juve past and present. Still can't believe he doesn't have 5* WF. Deserves it more than most who have it.
  • AvalanJ
    1530 posts Play-Off Hero
    Lengthy girthy don't matter still the usual crap until ea can actually code and differentiate attacking AI positioning means nod all same generic movements
  • xCDHx
    1620 posts Play-Off Hero
    Saving my fodder/coins for someone better
  • greif44x2
    3221 posts National Call-Up
    Staying away from SBCs like this. He might be ok in game, but don't see him being much (or any) better than e.g. Milito for under 100k and tradeable.

    I doubt that he'll last for a long time in squads as better players will come soon.
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