Features in the game that need improvement

Player reactions are shot to bits and are so slow it’s taking 5 minutes to make a pass.

Tackling, most of the goals I concede are when I make 4/5 successful tackles but it bounces back to my opponent every time

First touches are awful they just bounce off the players every time.

Overall this game started off okay but like every year ea have killed it again


  • I SiR MartY I
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    Outside foot shot and cross nerf

    Auto blocks and intereceptions need toned down

    LS dribbling needs sped up and made smoother, especially for players on the higher end of the dribble scale

    First touch needs to matter based on stats, 90 ball control is no different from 50 when taking a touch, its awful no matter the stat
  • Player movement is poor as well and don’t get into any good passing positions and even if they my players can’t complete an easy 5 yard pass
  • broxigaz
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    They need the give everyone refunds take the game away and go back to the drawing board feature.
  • Are we not allowed mini maps now? Ea putting in counter uavs for kill streaks?

    They really want to kill this game within a month
  • Fergvsfood
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    Biggest issue is it's not actually a football game.
    Until I learn how to abuse all the broken mechanic's and get the luck of the one sided delay I fear it's going to be a long and painful year.
    Again .
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