Keep or sell

Finished elite 3 Squad battles as rewards in elite 1 have been terrible.

Opened first Rare electrum pack and there was Kante. Listed him starting at 125k so he might sell.

Opened the smaller pack next with 6 rares and couldn’t believe it when I saw KDB.

I really don’t know whether to keep or sell these 2 as they fit my team well with untradeable Cancelo, Mbappe, Messi and OTW sterling.

I know their prices will drop but just can’t decide whether to keep them for a bit and have some fun.

Still got a rare electrum to open 😂


  • Kante didn’t sell but looks like 125 is the selling price so I’m gonna run them both and see what they play like. If I sold both though that’s approx 300k to play with. 🤔
  • Brunjes_FC
    1023 posts Professional
    Depends how you play. I run a 442 so a player like KDB doesn’t really suit me. Not a ST and not quick enough for the wings. I like two well-rounded midfielders (I.e. Bellingham, Renato Sanches). I would sell KDB straight up, but if you play a CAM he may work for you.
  • SeanDycheIsGod
    347 posts Sunday League Hero
    funny im looking to buy kdb and kante
  • Cheers pal. Tbf I think selling both is the best option and I am actually going pack only but do prefer untradeable pack only 😂. It’s a lot of gold upgrade packs with 300k. Got Mbappe, Messi, cancelo and rudiger from them so far.
  • broxigaz
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    funny im looking to buy kdb and kante

    Quick put the price up.
  • paul24878306
    5787 posts Big Money Move
    Kante is not good this year. Kdb is awesome.
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