EA Should Really Test Gameplay - Especially in North America

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I've enjoyed '23 more than the last couple FIFAs but the inconsistency of gameplay from game to game is quite shocking. Maybe it's just a North American problem, but at times it feels like you're playing 2 completely different styles of play. Here's a couple notes (and maybe it's just congested server play, since my Ping is always the same (18-20). Also I always get the same graphical glitches in games that are big struggle (This is all NexGen btw)

- Defensive AI Changes from game to game. Certain games 2nd Man Press works to perfection other times the CPU player wonders off and never attempts to execute a tackle or get in the way of the ball carrier. Often times I try to cut the passing lane and it zips right past me without my player even attempting to block it.
- Towards the end of the game when it's showing stats it'll show an blank gray card with the words "JeffR" and the shot count is always 5-3
- The Opponent name is always the squad name and not the actual team name. Meaning it'll show "WL Prem Team" instead of the actual team name
- Heading - Often times when executing a cross even when I input a command it'll just bounce off my player as if he didn't know the ball was coming
- Tackling is so inconsistent - In certain games tackling is predictable, either by me executing the tackle command or the AI automatically tackling when I'm snug against the dribbler, however if I'm in that sluggish style game I can't ever time the tackle correctly and the AI will NEVER tackle on it's own, whereas your opponent seems to win more tackles no matter when the actual tackle button was pressed.
- THE MOST ANNOYING COMPLAINT - The ball will always rebound to your opponent, doesn't matter if it's a tackle, loose ball, ball off the post, in these sluggish matches it's as if someone has a vacuum and the ball just falls right into their path going forward. I've conceded more goals to this then any other type of attack

I'm curious do European players see/feel these same issues as we do in North America? For me it's about 50/50 whereas if I get a good game or a bad game, and a lot of the time when I win I can tell my opponent is struggling with the same issues I face when I'm in a bad game.


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    My most annoying complaint for me while facing opponents in NA is when someone activates constant pressure.

    My connection indicator lights go off. MS goes up to the hundreds. My players turn to sh lt
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