division to 7 to 6..what s happening!

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so i bought the game two days ago, and won 17 matches in a row with a 5k team from div 10 to 6..now i lost 5 in a row and i can only see full stacked teams with vinicius varane kante ronaldo halland..what a massive difference from 7 to 6..is this happening just to me?


  • klaas9
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    exactly the same here !
  • liuus86
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    and why my defense is always so high!!
    Playing with depth 40 and i got my center back always running backwards and get countered..what a disaster
    klaas9 wrote: »
    exactly the same here !

  • if that was the only problem it would be nice
  • Gidzi
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    That Is normal, just be patent.
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    Dont worry about players or value of teams its irrelevabt at the moment. Good players will help you in build up but once yiu get to the final 3rd it doesnt matter... all defenders are prime Rio and all attackers turn into under 7s 🤣... and the AI takes over. Same at both ends... middle of the pitch is the only place theres any kind of normal play
  • RangerCraig
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    7 was harder than fut champs qualifiers
  • BasketCase9483
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    Div 6 is probably where most people who have been playing since early access are this week.

    I’ve been winning the minimum games every week to get the rewards and I’m in Div 6 so I’m guessing that is what everyone else has been doing too.
  • Squirty_Gash93
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    I’ve just left that hell hole and off to face the warzone of division 5
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