Terrible matchmaking in seasons

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edited October 2022
How comes I'm always facing perfect records.

They should they facing each other a instead of me.

Ping pong high pressure sweat fest that is online fifa 23 In 6 words.

Bring back ld no more ping pong

Why do you start In div 9 if last season you was inn div 2.

I thought all sweats was j. Fut it's every game mode lol


  • just wait a few days... it's getting better... ;)
  • BakerStreet
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    I can actually see the veins in a strikers throat blow up when they leap up for that header to slam down into the goal. Problem is..the animation that takes place after that is anyone's guess.

    I would take the consistent and predictable animation that sorta responds to my controller input over seeing a player's tonsils when they are screaming. Perhaps that's just me. Beautiful animation anyone can do these days. Getting the gameplay right takes some talent.
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