Is it illegal if EA dilutes the market with extra players?

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I was selling a prominent player's gold card who is in TOTW and every 10 minutes pages of new owner cards keeping getting released below BIN.

I know this could just be a trader selling off inventory but the pricing and the fact that they're all first owner is a little odd.

They've been caught doing this before, it sure feels like this should fall into the gambling laws that they got struck with a few years ago. Manipulating prices of common cards by diluting the market to ensure everyone's team drops in value and allow the rarity of the special cards to rise.


  • YidArmy
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    Illegal 😅.

    In the UK it was deemed that packs in Fifa do not class as gambling, so there is no regulation on them here.

    It's EA's casino, you are playing their game and by their rules...they'll do whatever they want and you'll have to accept it I'm afraid.

    Without an outside power being able to hold them to account, how on earth could anything they do in the market please be deemed 'illegal?'
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