That one player that has exceeded expectations

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Who is one player you have used and exceeded expectations and who is one that was an utter fail?
For oyarzabal he has been incredible I have tried taking him out several times and always come back to him.
Mane was the biggest disappointment didn't feel anything special


  • Boysie91
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    Tim Cahill at CAM and Sterling RW have played great for me.
    Totally agree with Mane I got him untradeable and he's nothing special he feels very slow and not that nimble compared to other players I have used.
  • Shemson
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    Not necessarily a surprise but De Jong is fantastic box to box
  • Diggy
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    Canales at CM cheap cheap much better than Pedri
  • ICUP
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    Cucurella at left back, guys a monster
  • Seeleyjs17
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    Shemson wrote: »
    Not necessarily a surprise but De Jong is fantastic box to box

    He has been dominating my midfield
  • A77
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    R9 94 . he had this funny hair cut i thought he is a discard tbh . but omg he can ball
  • Mower1993
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    Harry kane 34 games 34 goals, doesn't feel slow and can outpace defenders this year :O
  • Professor
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    Spinazolla is one of the fastest players I’ve used. Better than Mendy and Theo I used before that were much more expensive.

    Mahrez has been exceptional as well. Don’t look at the 80 pace that is a lie. He is very quick and one player that actually has good left stick dribbling.
  • FMA1202
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    Joao Felix. Never liked him in previous Fifas, but this year he is excellent for me. Better than 91 rated Benzema.
  • IF Hofman at CAM, got him as my free TOTW player and he has done a good job so far. Passing is much better than his shooting but for a low value IF he has certainly been good.
  • Squirty_Gash93
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    Tonali. Feels like a mini Kante
  • Martin_S8
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  • EtGarut
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    None. They all feel like tanks running low on fuel. No one can move.
  • Laker62
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    Antony has a lot of hype, but I thought it was due to his nation and recent transfer. He’s an absolute menace in game. He plays well above his stats. I picked up his OTW because he’s doing well for United and Brazil is guaranteed a World Cup win.

    Same for Nunez. Thought he was hyped due to the transfer but he’s so fast and finishes everything.
  • Hammer87
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    Merino has been a very solid box to box for me
  • Senaldo19
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    IF Gakpo
  • Double_D
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    Grealish. I’ve got a pretty juiced team and can’t seem to replace the guy.
  • xCDHx
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    POTM Valverde. I thought I made a mistake in using my fodder on him but he is rapid and really crunches into tackles.
  • JimNoShoes
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    Spinazola is crazy good for an 82 and Kim at CB is also a beast.
  • Mmandras
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    Darwin is that card, no doubt. The man is reason I didn't buy Crespo at ST position, can you imagine.

    And Lemar is so awesome for a cheap card.

    I have to say, Fekir also kind of exeeded, didn't expect much but he scores every game, sometimes 2-3 in a game, for a CAM that is sensational.
  • GazW09041980
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    Declan rice only put him in due to needing an Englishman for chemistry my god he's everywhere winning the ball and 71 pace is a lie
  • Rainaz
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    Haaland... yes he's high rates but usually is and isn't all that.

    This year, oh my...

    The guy is possessed
  • MrPinky
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    Hero Mario Gomez - lengthy by default - put a hunter on him and you have Haaland 2.0 for half the price …
  • Nervous_Nick
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    Mahrez is a demon.
    Lewa works great this year.
  • Thefranchise92
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  • EdgySam
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    Gvardiol, Ive resisted spending a lot on CBs and for 5k he has been top drawer
  • AJS-17
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    Araujo, beast of CB wins everything, no one gets past him
    Antony is really good, great pace and dribbling but for me his shooting is below par
    LLorente CM, great player, gets all over the pitch, joins in attacks and helps out defending

    *EDIT just re read the subject, one player - Araujo
  • Okocha10
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    CR7 even with 81 pace still one of the best strikers on the game & this is playing in division one
  • djnition
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    werner just simply amazing has transformed me from losing to drawing & winning games
  • Mr Masenko
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    For me it's Kostic.

    I'd already stuck an Architect on him after getting him in my loyalty packs as I just wanted strength and passing down the line in my 3-5-2.

    Couldn't figure out why he was so unbelievably fast down the pitch when going on long runs, but this whole "lengthy" META explained that now.

    He's great with the cross goal power shots too.
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