Raphina, Rodrygo or Dembele?

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I'm guessing Dembele, just because he costs more, but are the other 2 cheaper options that far off him, or anyone who's used any of them,which did you like?


  • john_d_efc
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    I haven't used any of them yet and I'm looking at all three for my team but in all honesty, pace and skills don't seem to be the main things to look for. Currently using Jota and Depay on the wings and they're doing very well.

    So I guess I'd say Raphinha looks the best option and value for coins at the moment to me. but Dembeles 5* WF looks great
  • JakeH
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    Raphina is good. Been using him. Actually a player who feels like he has a burst of pace.

    Tried Dembele, but didn’t feel he was worth the extra coins.
  • kdirt
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    Dembele is the goat every fifa for the first 2 months
  • futaddict79
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    Thanks for the comments I'm going to give raphina a try
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