FIFA 23 disables your g-sync which leads to gameplay being not smooth

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Ever since I installed FIFA 23 on my PC (Windows 10) the g-sync of the monitor gets disabled by itself when I restart or shut down the PC and then next time when I launch it I have to manually activate the g-sync from the monitor menu so that it can show up under the Nvidia control panel in Windows.

For info my GPU is RTX 3080


  • Joroz
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    Also to clarify I got 2 monitors connected both are g-sync compatible ASUS VG258 and VG259 (144 hz, 1080p)
  • A77
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    seems to be working fine for me . it didnt disable mine i just checked. something to do with your settings then
  • Hristanya
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    The game has speed up lag for me if I have g sync turned on or off. Also have a 3080
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