Question number one!

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Will PSG still be in seasons?


  • Brydobhoy88
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    Ofcourse they will.

    Surely the matchmaking will be fixed in Fifa 23.
    But I have my doubts, I think the matchmaking was limited because the whole community was spread over several game versions.

    If Seasons has cross play there should be enough players for EA to fix matchmaking and make it 5 star vs 5 star. Also I know its annoying, I don't use 5 star because people just go PSG and abuse mechanics but if your opponent is PSG and you don't want to play just quit before kick off.
  • Thurlow9984
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    I didn't play much, but whenever I decided to be a top team I was always against PSG so then I decided to be PSG and I was always against Liverpool and often received an abusive message so I went back to playing as Leeds and usually had more fun games
  • They have to get the balance right. Less focus on player stats. More focus on team playing styles. PSG is not the best TEAM in the world. And even if they were, that's not what competitive online gaming is about. It's about FUN and FAIR matchups.

    I'm waiting to buy this year. Honestly, I would prefer a real competitive game mode with 50 fictional balanced teams with widely different playing styles and better, more intuitive tactical influence. I guess some other company must fill up that hole in the market.
  • All I am asking for this year!!! Just this year!!! Is the ability to choose my team and see an oponents choice before I go in the match and see "ICI C'EST PARIS" EVERY BLOODY TIME. Just let me see what team my opponents picking so we can actually choose not just be put against PSG everytime
  • Matchmaking is STILL not fixed even when using the "restrictive matchmaking". I'm sick of playing against PSG with 3-4 star teams. Makes the whole experience unplayable.
  • Genuinely I really cant imagine how a product raking in millions and millions are unbale to solve a matchmaking issue. Why can I not have the choice of choosing the teams and seeing my opponents!!!!
  • Goodgod10
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    No issues with match making for me.
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