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Trials are now open for Fifa 23!
Console: PS4 / PS5 (PS5 or PS4 Version)
Club Name: Venari City FC
Size of Club: Around 20 members
Positions wanted: All
Region: UK, Europe and USA
Trial Needed: Yes
Club Style: Serious Club - D1 Competitive in the World for Fifa 22 (PS4), World Ranked 20th for Fifa 21, World Ranked 34th for Fifa 20. We have also have competed in PGS competitive league
Sign up Here:

Due to the difficulty of purchasing a PS5, the club is currently operating on both PS4 and PS5. Unfortunately the club is not at as active as the club is split between both consoles. Our ambition to get the club active again as it was previously. We are actively recruiting for both PS5 and PS4.

Aims of the Club
- To have a large quality player base so the club is always active
- To create a friendly community for players to experience - We have a PSN and Facebook Group/Page to organize playing times, as well as a WhatsApp group!
- Progression within our club, loyal players become captains, Captains become Managers - We consult you how the club is run.
- To be the best club - We were 20th in the leaderboards for Fifa 21. We want to improve on that this year.[/color]

Additional Information
We are a community. We have many loyal players we have played with since Fifa 15, and we are always looking to expand on that, every year. Ideally players with mic's so they can join the party.

We are a Passing, tika-taka club. We play forward first, counter attacking style. We are mostly active during the evenings/nights UK time, which also enables some NA based players to play with us, but we're also looking to expand on our daytime player base. Always pass 2 on 1 situations! We are looking for loyal players. If you are a club hopper this isn’t the club for you.

If you are interested give us a message on PSN to any of our managers below or fill in the application form on our website
  • X-JaZzer_2401-X
  • MiniDuch
  • Trinaldo
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