Mind Blowing.

Played a game on seasons cup as Inter.
Got matched against Milan and thought nice one, this should be a good game.

Instantly the opponent I was playing went 5 at the back and used dropback. Kept Leao up front and just hit long balls to him for the whole game.
It worked for him 3 times and I eventually won the game 4-3 in extra time.

He had 58 passes the whole game with 91 tackles!! 91!!
Think I had about 12 tackles and over 200 passes.

Why would you load up the game to play some football and then play like that?

How can you get enjoyment from playing the game when you don’t ever have the ball and you just hit a long ball to some fast dude that you’ve kept upfront?

We can all complain about EA and the shoddy game they keep releasing but as long as we have utter shitebags playing and using these cowardly tactics we will never have a great game.

I can honestly count on one hand the amount of games I’ve played this year where me and my opponent just attacked each other all game.

Instead almost every game is against some spotty little virgin who just camps in his box and hits a lob pass to some rapid striker 🙈

No wonder so many people play career mode.


  • blue166
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    I understand where you are coming from.

    Some people just have no confidence in their defending skills so just pile everyone back. This is where patience comes in to it and dominating the ball. Of course these players are often the sort to play as PSG and then just spam the ball to the front 3. So you have to remain vigilant and stay switched on to those tactics.

    You can have some right good attacking duels against some opponents but few and far between.

    I guess I have just tried hard to learn to dominate the ball and starve the opponent from the ball. But you do need to be patient and recycle the play etc... until chances.

    I think 23 is going to be very counter attack based game :/
  • Brydobhoy88
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    We can blame EA. The game never had these problems when there was no DROP BACK custom tactics.

    So if a game developer give a community ways to abuse a game believe me alot of people will use it.


    The AI helps people who cant defend so much with the AI automatically tackling and blocking.
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