They goofed up and are now trying to pull it back

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85 x 10 was yielding players of a much higher level. 7.5k packs gave out almost 1 in 10 and now it’s not even 1 in 50 😂

It was so good last week. Pulling top players every day and I am 100% sure someone at EA got a good rollicking because you could actually make coins by just opening packs. Now they have super nerfed them.

They must think we are numb.


  • 4kingpawn
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    Backed up by thousands by the looks of the online groups 😳
  • JGDC74
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    I had an amazing 85+ X10 earlier today!
  • RadioShaq
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    I am still pulling high cards just more gold ones. Seems like they just changed the cards like no more winter wild cards or fut birthdays ect.
  • DannySTFC
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    It’s boring now. Last couple of weeks were fun knowing almost every time you opened a good pack or pick that you’d get something interesting, now there’s only like 4 cards I’d be interested in packing. It’s the last month of FIFA and Messi has his NIF in packs for example, it’s stupid.
  • 12346789
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    Hann4y wrote: »
    It's been proper nerfed. If anyone disagrees they are on EA payroll ;)

    Yeah last week I was getting all specials and maybe two gold since Friday I have been getting 7 gold and 3trash specials usually dupes
  • Sterve
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    They’ve messed up futties/end of game this time around imo. Grind is there but it’s really boring. Content has been ok in terms of player sbcs. Icons are a joke. They’ve just kinda made it not fun. Still trying to extract a few dollars here and there i guess.
  • mark1089
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    Ea just nuked fifa 22 this weekend.
  • joehuk
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    Well I just did an 85x10 on my PC account

    9 golds and 1 91 tots and I'm not kidding..


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  • Hades
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    I guess they will up them next week again...
  • 4kingpawn
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    Not worth doing them anymore
  • Sctt78
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    I enjoyed last years end cycle - this years is awful. When it gets to this stage of the game and you have maxed out players who are still performing inconsistently due to the horrendous connection issues it just becomes a card collecting exercise. Now they have taken away that part of the game as well it’s as good as dead for me. Played weekend league last night and SS CR7 was awful and it was all down to connection issues. Was looking fwd to trying him out but swapped him out after 10 games and brought in Ribery who gets less affected by connection. Last year was pretty much the same but at least you could mess around with the repeatable SBCs and pull good cards. Now it’s just dead gameplay and even deader packs/SBCs. One thing for sure is that it’s going to make not buying 23 a whole lot easier.
  • radhoyl
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    They just give us a break and will ramp up the pack weight gradually till Sept. 20th to entice us into buying Fifa23.
  • Jdizzle
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    The only reason I logged on was these packs, now there's no reason to. They'll probably change the pack weights this friday after they realise everyone has left the game.
  • PirateW
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    I started the Salah sbc yesterday and went with the 92 rated squads first...
    First gold rare players was good - had my first icon (Gullit, sold for 599k to help fund the rest of Salah) and a couple of TOTS players.
    Then did the next 92 section, opened the rare players pack and the best was 83 Leno, so that was pretty awful.
  • 4kingpawn
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    3 lots of 85 x 10 and then an 86+ and not one player worth using 😂
  • Zaius
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    why not just release 85x10 repeatable like last year WHY????
  • Hann4y
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    Seem to building up to it
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    Next Friday now probably. Same release date as last year IIRC
  • pes1972
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    Got 6 TOTS and one SS in my latest
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