EA & Fifa ultimate are an absolute shambles.

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  • Thurlow9984
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    State your argument then maybe we'll have something to discuss
  • Elias_Samson
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    ea lying about cross platform was something that lowered my opinion of them.

    other than that ea provide a good game every year.

    fut is bad, but thats the idea, it is targeted at the low iq player or the mentally weak with addictive mentalities. they will buy it regardless because they don't know anything about football and will enjoy/play it.
  • kopo79
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    i dont wanna touch this gamemode anymore.
    im not very good online player,i usually lose my matches.
    but then if i manage win someone,like im leading 3-0...connection to opponent is lost.
  • Pc not being included in universal fut transfer market but in gameplay makes no sense to me. Console players who complain about supposed "hackers" on pc have the option to turn off crossplay gameplay. Fut transfer market bots use the webapp which is accessible by all platforms not just pc so I think it's absolutely ridiculous to exclude pc players from the crossplay transfer market. Literally the one thing I was looking forward to because pc fut transfer market is dead.
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ server and so trash game, AI so trash and dumb, server always broken (6 game in a row got dnf), USELESS SBC 85+, ❤️❤️❤️❤️ FIX YOUR GAME !!
  • Does anyone know if they have fixed Manual Crossing? FIFA 22 it does not work.
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