Want to do pim ronaldinho, but pim R97 is currently on my bench..

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I'm sure he's amazing and I grew up watching him and R9 but in game( R97) doesn't play as well as the likes of tots ben yeddar and ss Marcelo, as an impact sub R9 was fantastic over the WL, but just doesn't stand up to these other overpowered cards, again hate to say it.

Is Ronadinho different? Or am I going to regret doing him, should be able to do him with fodder and 400k I have left without having to sell Marcelo, but would end up as a wide cam eventually

I Could play uptop with marcelo as Ben yeddar will go in the sbc as the futties ben yeddar will replace him if I have the patience to grind the tokens.

Anyone who has used him, can you give me your honest opinion? I used him last year and him and R97 were way above the futties and shapeshifter cards, but R97 this year isn't in the elite, apart from his finishing.


  • Kevin
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    Really good card, endgame for me, miles ahead of the prime tbh.
  • Farley
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    My two cents… I’m with you on the nostalgia of dinho, I’ll be grinding him even if he doesn’t compete with top end cards cos at this stage of the game, you just gota try and enjoy what’s left, every man and his dog has a ‘god squad’ now so if you can find new enjoyment out of him, do it man
  • Hades
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    It's a nostalgia card. He has the sticky sauce and great skills. But I find a TOTS Son for example to be more effective if he's coming from the wing. Down the centre is a different story, but be wary of his work rates..

    He's not leaving my team, but I have a full Icon squad because of nostalgia reasons, i orefer that over performance...
  • JohnShelby
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    If you want him do him, it is august
    It wont affect your Game score
    Last year i played with him and some other icons in aug/sep.. my score in champs was the same as with Full meta squad, but it was more fun for sure
  • Professor
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    Not many are playing for top finishes in fut champs anymore so just have fun. I got Dinho in the Brazil pack and he is so much fun. TOTS Vini is better in game but Dinho is Dinho.
  • Jordonp
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    Do the loan
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