How would you set up this attack ingame?

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So I have the great problem of having a couple of good attackers that I’m not sure how to use atm. Not sure whether to use dybala or Neymar our wide or which one to use at cam/ST. Kinda leaning towards this but not sure atm t7UE0YT.jpg
Also gotta figure out how to set them up when I switch to 4222 lol


  • Redlad
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    Bale and Neymar st (bale left, and Neymar right, for those cross-goal power strikes) Dybala cam, because he can totally play there, maybe Rodrygo wide cam as well, because he is more of a wide player, given his AI set-up.
  • AzizaG
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    In 4231 I would swap neymar and dybala
  • Izzy2K17
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    Cheers boys will def try that!!
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