Futties cups

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I expect this thread will draw a lot of git gud responses but I just needed to write down my thoughts.

Futties cups feels, for one reason or another, like a complete sham.

I can play a friendly in another mode, such as classic kick off and the game is stable, responsive and generally very playable. I then play futties cup, which has a better ping than the other friendly variations but is the complete opposite.

It is very unstable, without any yellow or red flags, it is very unresponsive, with horrible lag, and is generally unplayable.

It seems like AI is super unhelpful for me, but very efficient for the opponent. passes, shots and tackles are ineffective (I’m sure many know the drill). The problem is, this is a limited game mode and I do not have the option to back out and try again. I slee St o feel I need to grind the game (it feels like I am literally pushing my players to get them where I want to go as they have their own path they want to take, even when the cursor is above them, in order to try to get a win out of it for the chance of a nice reward.

Anyway, I feel that IF the reason for this is connection based (but the ping?), I’d be much happier the ping was accurate and I could spend four or five mins looking for a game that is stable (it’s a 15-18 min game with pens) than a fake ping and a very unenjoyable 15-18 mins. If it isn’t the ping, what is it? It’s not my connection, I have a great router, high speed bb and a cat 8 Ethernet cable…


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