help me out.. Team choices

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So i have the below team, and you can see a little triangle open. After my toty Ronaldo sold (I hope) I have around 3.7 million coins and I dont know what to do with my team. Most of the team is untradable, apart from De Ligt who I got for chem and I like him IRL.

I've also listed some untradable options on the bench.


I didnt like toty Ronaldo. I do like Mbappe toty, but I would also like to try R96 for instance, paired with maybe VvD and Cancelo, or Eder M and Valverde on 7 ?

Any other options I could / should concider ?


  • GazW09041980
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    Captain Marcelo perfect link to militao I've not used him though but I do rate militao
  • Chavez76
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    Captain Marcelo perfect link to militao I've not used him though but I do rate militao

    havent tried him either... and has gone a lot cheaper recently. Would be a waste maybe as LB though ?
  • McFandan
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    With the coins you have and the cards you already own I’d go with this if it was me.

  • I can only play 5-3-2 and don't like defensive midfielders but this is what I would probably do.


    Wing backs get forward, everyone attack and hope for the best. Could swap rashford for Fernandinho EOAE if you can do him if you want one guy to sit deeper in the three.

    Not the most imaginative and questions marks over Rashfords ability to play CM. My recommendation would be PIM Socrates, cheap and just a wonderful machine of a player, up and down all day. Freekick, height, strength, both feet. With that could upgrade to better Ronaldo.
  • d-Leon307-b
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    R9 cdm
    Lb Ricardo pereira
    Lcb 7chem Cancelo

    Swap With custom tactic Cancelo and cordoba
  • Chavez76
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    intersting options guys.. thanks a lot! Cant play much this week until Monday so keep 'em coming :)

    @Colonel_Getafe : I do have PIM Socrates as well .. I dont think he played a minute this year, where I loved him lastyear(s)
    @McFandan How is that Benz card comapred to for instance Lewa's tots ? have him untradable and couldnt really get along. He is clinical and all, but its missing .. something..
    @d-Leon307-b : how is that Perreira card ? Cordoba is really maybe the best CB i;ve used this year..
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