Best rivals rewards at this stage of season?

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Tradeable or untradeable?


  • Chavez76
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    There is no 'best' choise. Never was, and never will be.
    If you like to do SBC's, take untradable as its double the amount of packs. Its what I do
  • Alfie5
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    I always go untradable as above as you get double packs and generally come in handy for SBCs, unless you’re lucky you ain’t making much coins from the tradable anyway
  • McFandan
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    Coins + untradeable packs always. Best of both
  • GitGood
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    I don’t even think it should be called reward…The stinginess this year might affect the future of this game…There’s not much to play for other than 83 rated gold players.
  • Moxon
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    edited July 2022
    The answer is always Untradbles all year round.

    If you have a lot of coins then you don’t need more and if you don’t have a lot of coins then you need as much fodder as you can get.
  • SunGodxApollo
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    I always go Untradeble and coins. Double untradeable means more duplicates.
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