You tube tactics

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See so many videos online showing the latest must use tactics a lot by the same people.
Yet everyone I've played against has just put 4 up front and blasted ball to them.
And I mean EVERY GAME.
So who's watching these videos?

My only enjoyment in the game is using possession slow the game and watch the headless chicken mode kick in by whoever your playing


  • Miigue
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    I miss the days where you would figure out how to play a game on your own.
  • Orison
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    Everybody is watching these videos and all these tactics are basic af.

    People just spend too many thoughts on CTs and not enough on improving at holding the controller.
  • ohbuggerit
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    In a way I don't mind it. I am an old fella with no skills. So I quite enjoy trying to figure out how to beat flavour of the month tactics on my own terms. Not always successful, but as an FM nerd its interesting to try.
  • RadioShaq
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    If you play a slow possession game it’s not a surprise your opponent will play a fast counter attacking style to try to counter your style.
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