A little help please

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I’m just wondering what what tactics have been successful to players on the forum? Mainly defensive style, build up play and chance creation options. I’ve been advised direct passing is the best chance creation tactic for next gen, but I find there’s not many passing options in midfield when using that and everyone runs into the box and I get caught on counters. If people could share their choices and how they play it’d be much appreciated ✌️ Please add if new or old gen. Many thanks


  • RadioShaq
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    Direct passing seems the best on both consoles. Very few use possession or get forward.

    On old gen you can use 442 or 4222 and have everyone on stay back but the front 4 and only the front 4 will get in the box.

    I’ve not played enough on new gen to suggest something but almost all the YouTube tactics are for new gen.
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