Kick the hamster

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Hes fallen asleep again


  • Grahammbe2
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    This is a joke cant get my 8 wins because I cant finish a match keep getting booted
  • JGDC74
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    Rivals used to be the game mode I would go to for fun. In the past, every game was different, you never knew what you were going up against.
    Now it’s just tryhard central. Every single game. Never quit so many games early than over the past week.
  • Zaius
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    I remember in an older FIFA 17 or 18 maybe 19 every opponent would play differently it was amazing - each game was totally different but each year it gets more and more 1 way to play and it's true now when you play people it's the exact same game even people I beat play that same way .... really sucks the joy out of it
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